About me

A regular on the New England scene, crass, but charming, her comedy tells it how it is, or at least how it is in her head. She has a sense of humor that pokes fun at men, public transportation, her mother, politics, and much more. Her act is a mix of bizarre true stories, and misfired synapses of the brain. Phoebe has played clubs, colleges, Thanksgiving dinners, and bar stools all over the place.

Phoebe was a recent Comic in Residence at the famous Comedy Studio in Cambridge, MA, a finalist in the Portland Maine’s Funniest Comic Competition, is a monologue writer for the Steve Katsos Show, and hosts a weekly open mic at The Tavern at the End of the World. She has also been featured in the Boston Women in Comedy Festival, as well as the Chicago Woman’s Funny Fest.

In her spare time, she is Co-Writer of a website dedicated to having fun with food, enjoying it affordably, and just being a bad ass woman who likes to eat and drink in general.  Also, she is a contributing writer at .


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